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How to Make Your Netsuite Data Work for You
If your business runs on Netsuite and you're still manually exporting data to create static reports, there's a better way.

Our customer, Doug Stockham, President of the Emergency Assistance Foundation, knows this challenge firsthand. His organization is built to help corporations make emergency hardship grants for their employees when they face unexpected and avoidable disasters.

When thirteen disaster events happened in a few weeks, EAF went from processing 200 grant requests/month to over 2,000.

To keep up with this incredible rise in demand, Doug needed real-time insights and automated reporting. He turned to Zuar and Tableau for help. In two weeks, his business went from manual, static reporting to fully automated, robust analytics.

Join us for a 45-min webinar on 9/24 to hear his story, learn how to approach this Netsuite challenge, and see live examples of finance, operational and grant-tracking Tableau dashboards.


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